About Our Product

Truffle Waistband  Our Product

  • The quality is exceptionally high. We use the highest grade cashmere in all our garments – extra fine fiber diameter for lightweight softness; very long fiber length for durability, and tight weave to capture warmth.
  • Design is feminine and flattering – with the breathable warmth of ski wear and styling that will not show under most fashions.
  • Manufacturing a product as fine and durable as ours is technically complex.  We work with one of the most respected Cashmere factories in the world, which also produces knitwear for many of the most prestigious brands on the market.  We have visited the factory and supervised production of our garments based on highest quality manufacturing standards and industry-leading business practices.  
  • We care about sustainability. In Inner Mongolia, cashmere fibers are combed from cashmere goats during their annual spring molting season – the goats are not harmed in this process. Cashmere goats are limited in number and output per goat is low (4-6 oz per year), adding to the value of cashmere garments.
Sublime comfort and beauty.